Surprise Orcas in Clayoquot Sound! – 15/10/18

It doesn’t get much better than this… Orcas can surprise us at any time of year in Clayoquot Sound and sometimes the weather cooperates too!

This encounter was between Chesterman Beach and Wilf Rock, just outside of Tofino. The T11s and T109s were all present and spent their time travelling up the coast with the occasional lunge at an unsuspecting seabird!

We joined up with them around Cox Point and left them at Wilf Rock as the sun slipped below the Pacific horizon.

There was lots of action along the way.

One youngster was constantly chasing birds across the water, surprising them by lunging up from the depths below them.

Others gave a sneaky sea lion a heart attack as it held onto the rocks amidst oncoming swells with all of its might while their slick fins passed by just feet away.

We capped this event off with a glorious sunset.


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