Surprise – 20/12/22

Tomorrow, the darkest day of the year marks the 21st of December…

Today’s light conditions were as expected, dark but with a few openings in the cloud cover.

We headed towards Kveanangen in the morning, but Norbi said we would turn back if the weather was too choppy.

Unfortunately, the forecast looked a bit heavy. When we arrived, we met a few orcas.

I was standing at the back of the boat scanning the horizon…all of a sudden, a juvenile orca flew out in the air right next to me, behind the engines ? Of course, the camera was still inside my camera bag, but he was nice and did breach a couple more times so I could catch it ?

If you look at the sequence, you can see that the jumpy orca was a juvenile male ?

He was with one of his younger sisters/brothers and an adult male.

This group of 3 was jumping into the waves pretty much the whole time we followed them, and they were really enjoying the waves and the rough weather ?

It was nice to witness this fully grown male being occupied by only 2 youngsters.

He most likely helped out his mother/sister and took a babysitting role this morning. It looked like he enjoyed spending some time with the youth.

He was also witnessed multiple times lobbing his tail and swimming upside down ?

The family bond is so powerful for orcas ❤

-Krisztina/Orca Channel

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