Sunset Whale Watching Tour – 4/11/22

Sunset Whale Watching tour? Sounded like a great idea! When I got to Belmar it was foggy and wasn’t sure if we would be able to go out on the water or if so, would we be able to see a whale? We went out and saw what looked like a fog rainbow! It was foggy but we kept heading southeast and the fog started lifting.

First we saw some blue sky and then the fog was gone. Beautiful, calm blue water. Around Bay Head we saw our humpback whale.

He was a bit unpredictable as sometimes he dove after one breath and other times after 4 breaths.

He showed his tail several times. We then went further south because whales have been in the area.

Unfortunately, despite lots of baitfish in the area, we could not find a second whale. On the way back to port we were treated to a rising moon and a setting sun. By the way, close to the moon is Jupiter shining brightly. Can see it better in the darker sky. Sunset was beautiful.

Perfect weather on the flat calm ocean Saturday for whale watching trip Belmar Marina , We were able to stay local as the whale was in Spring Lake, just 2 miles from Belmar beach a great afternoon trip.

-Bill/Jersey Shore Whale Watch

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