Sunrise to Sunset – 6/6/17

We had a very special early morning tour today and what an incredible sunrise it was, revealing a day that was going to be filled with outstanding Humpback interactions!

Early arrivals into the bay were busy communicating with impressive peduncle slaps while a young whale was enjoying a seaweed facial and seemed in bliss as he rolled around on the surface enjoying the sensation of the seaweed against his skin🌱🐳 On our final tour for the day we sighted two young male Humpbacks practicing breaching, tail slapping and peduncle slapping for 90 minutes straight!

From sunrise to sunset we enjoyed the beauty of Flinders Bay and the magnificent Humpback Whales that spend a few moments of their busy lives visiting this part of the world. To watch such incredible behaviours as these whales communicate to each other across the bay is a true privilege and we can happily say The Language of the Whales is our favourite language to learn and watch!

Today we celebrated WA Day 2017 and the whales did too! We had interactions with 20 Humpback whales and two competition pods with males pushing and jostling to try and see who was the strongest. Our afternoon tour ended with a big bang as two resting yearlings awoke with breaching and head lunging just off our bow which had everyone celebrating👏

These two active yearlings had been sighted on the morning tour interacting with one of the competition pods for a brief amount of time before deciding the other males were a bit too competitive. They must have worn themselves out as they were making sure to catch up on some rest on this picture perfect WA Day☀️

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-Whale Watch Western Australia

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