Stunning Encounter with Biggs in the Sunset – 10/9/20

A Bigg’s (Transient) Orca surfaces in the calm waters of Miller Channel tonight during sunset. What a stunning night we had. Literally couldn’t be any better!

An orca breaching off Ahousaht after sunset last night. I’ve never struggled with the lighting as much as I did during this encounter, yet be so enthralled by the whales behavior…

Circling boats, showing off their kill, breaching, spyhopping… I wish the light was better but at the same time I don’t, because having an orca circle back in the dark to pop up and say “Hi” is a memory that’s burned into my brain… One of those encounters you will never forget.

Another shot of a juvenile transient orca, just off our community of Ahousaht, before the smoke rolled. The next morning we were blanketed in such a thick blanket of smoke that the trees across the harbour were barely visible.


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