Spyhops Galore! – 11/7/15

Spyhops galore!  Beautiful west coast day with Group A of J Pod and the K14’s going through Active Pass.

J2 back, K14 Lea leading the way, J 14 Samish in middle, J37 Hy'Shqa and J49 T'ilem I'nges in front
K14 “Lea” leading the way, J14 “Samish” in the middle, J37 “Hy’Shqa” and J49 “T’ilem I’nges” in front and J2 “Granny” in the back

A shot of J19’s “Shachi” aerial scan as she was coming out of Active pass. She is definitely one of the more acrobatic southern residents….if there is a breach and she’s around, I’m betting it’s her!

J19 Shachi

K 14
K14 “Lea” spyhopping


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