Spending the Day with a Gray Whale – 30/4/19

On our first trip of the day we found a gray whale on the east side of Angel Island near Raccoon Strait.

We floated in neutral for most of the trip while the gray whale stayed in the area. A few times it came close to our boat.

On this trip we first headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge, looking out for humpbacks. When we didn’t see anything we headed towards Sausalito, then through Raccoon Strait to the east side of Angel Island. After waiting for a few minutes we heard reports of a gray whale in Richardson Bay, so we headed back there and were able to watch the whale for about 30 minutes. It was a gray whale. The whale stuck close to shore in an area protected from the wind and current.

On our final trip we spotted a whale soon after leaving the dock.

It was a gray whale spending time near Fort Mason.

The whale appeared to be feeding and came up regularly.

It was in very shallow water, sometimes 25 feet or less.

The presence of the whale in this area was important because there was a lot of activity from the Sailing Grand Prix practices.


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