Speechless – 2/12/21

Today we have encountered a bigger pod of orcas close to shore…. In the morning they were just slowly cruising in the area.

We were cruising with them for approximately 30 minutes.

And then…. all of a sudden, we saw that they speeded up…. but not just a little bit.

We have not seen anything like today in my entire career as a guide…

Suddenly 40-50 orcas started flying Northern direction. But when I say flying, I mean LITERALLY FLYING. All of them were porpoising with the full body out of the water and rushing somewhere….

They were doing approximately 12 knots…or sometimes even more.

It didn’t take long (approx. 7-8 minutes) to figure out why was the rush…They found a big school of herring and started feeding.

After the feeding, they turned on the spy-hopping mode and they were going up and down, like engine cylinders, as Norbi would say

Today was quite cloudy and all this happened very quickly towards the end of the day, and it was quite dark.

I tried to make the photos better in black and white.

Some of them turned out to be OK, but they don’t even begin to describe the feeling when 50 orcas fly all around you….

It was absolutely mesmerizing…



2 thoughts on “Speechless – 2/12/21

  1. Hi Kristina
    Thank you for your wonderful black and white photos and sharing you exciting and memorable experience. I cannot begin to imagine the power and intensity of all those Orcas enjoying the herring. I am very pleased both yourself have enjoyed such incredible times in Norway this winter. Thanks to the opulent herring. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and good holiday time

  2. Oops my apologies I am tired. My message should read, I am pleased both yourself and Steve enjoyed the opulence of herring for the wonderful Orcas xx

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