Spectacular Day with a Newborn Orca Calf! – 27/11/18

Today was spectacular <3
We have encountered a huge group of orcas around a fishing vessel in the morning hours.

There were several very young calves in the area. One of them was a newborn. I have witnessed that all over its body it was covered with teethmarks.
We have seen the same things on calves before in the previous seasons.

In the past we came to a conclusion that most likely the mother of the calf had a hard time during the birth and it might happened that other members of the pod tried to help her pull the calf out from its mother.
That could be an explanation for why such a young calf is covered with teethmarks.

The survival rate for this calves are very low in Norway (approx 50%) in Norway, so we hope this little one will make it and it will live a long and happy life <3


2 thoughts on “Spectacular Day with a Newborn Orca Calf! – 27/11/18

  1. Wonderful news!! Thank you so much for sharing photos of this lovely mother and baby orca team <3

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