Southern Residents Interact with a Humpback Whale – 17/6/12

Although the location of this interaction is lost to me I still remember this encounter with great fondness-it was an amazing day, it was Father’s Day,  and my dad’s first time out on the boat with me, and we saw all of J Pod hanging out with an unidentified Humpback whale. It was the first time I’d ever seen resident Killer Whales playing with a Humpback and they were just like little toddlers swimming and jumping all around it.  We were even lucky enough to see J2 “Granny” come close to the humpback a couple of times -what a truly special moment to share with my dad!

J Pod interacting with a Humpbac




One thought on “Southern Residents Interact with a Humpback Whale – 17/6/12

  1. Incredible story and thank so much for sharing it. Also, the fact that this event took place on Father’s Day and you were with your dad…what a bonus!

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