Socializing Sperm Whales – 30/3/22

Our fjord, called Breiðafjörður, in west Iceland, the largest fjord in Iceland is full of herring at the moment. When we have the weather to get out there, which has been rather lacking recently, we are having amazing sightings.

Today many pods of Orcas were spread all over the fjord, a Minke whale and Humpback were also seen.

But the highlight was a group of Sperm Whales on the surface socializing together. One even approached us as we were drifting with our engines turned off and a hydrophone in the water making a recording of any clicks and codas they made.

These are usually young males that we have here in Iceland that will get together in small groups sometimes, but we do not see it very often. There were so many other sperm whale blows further out littering the horizon. 

-Judith with Láki Tours 

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