Snow is back in July! – 20/7/22

Snow (named by the local school children here in Westfjords, Iceland) is a whale we have seen every year in our fjord outside Holmavik whale watching. With an almost pure white tail with a small, distinctive notch, this whale is very easy to identify. 

It is also one that sometimes gets curious about boats and this day was another day this humpback whale exhibited intense curiosity. We drifted with our engines off for an hour as Snow blew bubbles under the boat, rolled around and did some flipper slaps and spy-hopped next to us. 

As we are the only boat whale watching in this area, encounters like this are so wonderful as we are just a small boat and are never disturbed by other vessels trying to come in to see the whale. This is something so rare in the world now with humpbacks and a great reason to come and visit the Westfjords in Iceland!

Eventually Snow got bored of inspecting our rather poorly painted hull and went on its way, while we headed back to Holmavik with happy faces. 


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