Sei Whale Soup! – 6/5/18

This is a glimpse of what it’s like being in the middle of “Sei Whale Soup”. Take this one whale and multiply it by about 20 and that’s truly what it’s like. Everywhere you look you can see whales feeding in every direction.

Some on their sides slowly skimming, some lunging a little more forcefully, and others with just their heads sticking out of the water. Often times they end up within feet of the boat. It’s truly a remarkable experience.

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon aboard the Privateer IV with 7 Seas Whale Watch (Gloucester, MA).   You can’t really see much detail, but the simplicity of this shot really makes it stand out to me. These whales are so unique and so much fun to watch. I really wish they were more common around here and that they stuck around for longer, but as with all whales they simply follow their food source. We’re just lucky enough to be able to enjoy their company while it lasts.

Along with the Sei Whales we had a large group of Humpback Whales who were feeding very aggressively on today’s trip. Seeing this will never get old. Never. It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE my Humpbacks, but I have to say that Sei Whales are pretty darn amazing too!


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