Rissos Again – 2/8/23

Today we were lucky to reencounter Risso’s dolphins.

Impressive and speedy creatures.

We encountered a group that had several calves with them. It was hard to estimate the overall number because they spread out.

Some of the calves were in a playful mood and threw their tail in the air to put on a show for us.

Risso’s dolphins are the most scarified cetaceans. It is also not uncommon with other toothed whales, but it is very distinctive for them.

It is so interesting to see how “smooth” still the calves are…

Other species members can cause the rake marks as they interact/socialize, using their teeth as they lack hands, and the prey species can also cause them.

I learned that these animals most likely also visit the area due to the giant squids, so we are hoping to see them again.

Giant squids are known to have a powerful beak to defend themselves.

Enjoy the photos.


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