Resting Lines of Killer Whales – 24/8/10

Today, we saw +/-28 of the Northern Resident Killer Whales in two resting lines. The A30s matriline was in one resting line and the A23s, A25, A8s and possibly the A24s were together in another.

A resting line of members of the A23, A25 and A8 matrilines.

Of all the behaviours of the killer whales I have been privileged to see, this is one of the most striking. Seeing them in resting lines makes very clear how socially bonded these animals are and how coordinated their behaviours can be.

At it’s most simple level though, a resting line of killer whales is truly  . . . breath-taking beauty.

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This story was adapted from a blog post from the Marine Detective.  Read the full story here

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