Residents, Bigg’s (Transient) and Humpbacks All in One Day!- 3/6/14

Well we were kind of spoiled for options today! Residents and Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales AND a couple humpbacks to top it off!


The T137’s were incredible today and T137A was a superstar.


He broke off from the group and swam straight at us on TWO separate occasions! He hung out right under the hull, looking up presumably after a seal under our boat. We just shut down and let him do his thing…’s not often you get a chance to be up close a personal with a wild killer whale.


After that amazing encounter, we got to spend some time with “Big Momma” and her new calf……….It’s a pretty amazing job we have!



One thought on “Residents, Bigg’s (Transient) and Humpbacks All in One Day!- 3/6/14

  1. Wow! Yes what an amazing job you have! To say I’m envious would’ve an understatement! Great photos!

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