Pretty Awesome Day with the T101’s, T90’s and T46C’s! – 26/10/15

T46c kids, sam on left
T46C Juveniles including T46C2 “Sam” on the left

Potentially my last day out there for the season a couple days ago. Pretty awesome to hang out with the T101’s, T90’s and T46C’s as a finale!

t101 boys with t90s
T101 Boys with the T90s

Flat calm strait and 11 killer whales all to myself……that ain’t a bad way to end.

t101b front t101a back
T101B in the front with T101A behind

T101, a mother of three large bulls, spyhopping in the Strait of Georgia.


Her oldest son, T102 was carrying around some seal leftovers in his mouth

t101 bros-t101a t101b t102
T101A, T101B and T102


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