Power – 19/1/23

We have got a great day today with orcas and fin whales. Even though it is the 19th of January, we still saw 3 different species on our trip today (orca, fin, and humpback whale).

In the morning, we went in a Northern direction to explore the fjord and see if we could find anything.

We bumped into a lone, fully grown male orca. He was traveling at high speed, riding the waves.

Orcas riding the waves always give an excellent opportunity to take spectacular images, but it is equally challenging.

You need to focus on a moving boat that is moving fast (the orca was cruising around 10 knots, so is the boat) and frame an animal that swims at the same high speed.

It is entirely unpredictable where exactly it will pop up next…

Occasionally they come up further away from the boat than expected and sometimes too close to the boat.

Well, let me give you a secret… Unfortunately, I got a lot of unsharp images, including ones I really feel the pain for, because they could have been absolutely gorgeous…

Anyway, I was lucky to catch a few shots showing the immense power these animals use to cut through and ride the waves.

I love these images because they present how powerful these animals are.

We saw a few other “lone” males on the way back.

They were most likely on a scouting trip, scanning the fjord for herring.

At some point, they will return to their family groups.

Most likely, the females and the calves stayed further in the fjord, sheltered from the wind and waves.

Right outside Skjervøy, we also bumped into a group of friendly fin whales


-Krisztina/Orca Channel


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