Porpoises and Humpbacks – 15/5/18

The weather was very calm and clear. From the strait, we could see all the way to the Farallon Islands. Harbor porpoises were active all over the Golden Gate Strait.

We also spotted some sea lions and harbor seals. We found two humpback whales southwest of Mile Rock with a huge group of cormorants.

The whales were diving in 100 feet of water, 33 of which was anchovies. We saw one lunge feed from these whales.

They seemed to slowly be heading west.

On our next trip we found the whales slightly father west than we’d left them.

They were close to the shipping lane. There were two inbound ships and one outbound. The whales seemed to continue to move west on this trip. We also spotted sea lions, seals, and porpoises.


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