World Krill Day

Surprise! We are popping into your feeds today to help celebrate the second ever #WorldKrillDay with a special episode all about those lil guys who have a big impact – krill! Specifically today, Antarctic krill. ?

Join us and our incredible guests as we learn all about krill and the super important role they play in the ecosystem, not only in Antarctica, but all over the world, the threats they are now facing and what you can do to help.

Thank you so much to Pew Charitable Trusts and Barbara Cvrkel for coordinating and making this amazing podcast happen and to our incredible guests, Dr. Kim Bernard, Jen Walsh, Nicole Bransome, and Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau for nerding out with us about krill!

Show Notes:

-Why do Krill Matter?:

-Krill carbon cycle animation:

-Notes from World Krill Day 2022:

-Sevoir Wellness:

Podcast edited by Lindsay Curtis