Whale Tales Podcast

Episode 025-Ted Cheeseman

We are joined by another amazing guest this episode-Ted Cheeseman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Happywhale!

Show Notes

Happywhale, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Episode 024-Dolphin Awareness Month 2021

Mailbag Episode Three

To celebrate World Whale Day and our everlasting love for whales (and dolphins and porpoises) we asked YOU for questions about cetaceans for our third mailbag episode!

HUGE thank you to all who sent in questions! If yours was not answered, never fear, we have plans to do more mailbag episodes in the future so stay tuned!

Show Notes:

Humpback Comeback

Humpback Recovery

Killer Whale Calves per Female

Orca Satellite Tracking

Movement and Diving of Killer Whales

Animals Being Tickled

Episode 023-Let’s Talk About (Cetacean) Sex!

Happy February Storytellers! We are back with a shorter ep (in preparation of our Second Annual Mailbag coming out later this month!) and it’s a bit musical and a bit explicit but still full of fun cetacean facts!

Show Notes:

Grey Whale Mating Video

Grey Whale Sex Life

OceanWise, Seafood Watch

Epic Day with the T36A’s and T65B’s Steller Sea Lion Take Down!!

Let’s Talk About (Cetacean) Sex: full song and lyrics

Episode 022-What’s New?

We are back for 2021! To celebrate the new year we discuss some new discoveries in cetacean research and some exciting updates from whale tales itself!

Show Notes

-New Blue Whale Species articles here and here

-New Beaked Whale Species articles here and here

New Baleen Whale Species confirmation

Comparative Spine Anatomy

Vertebral osteology

My First Orca Sighting!