Plentiful – 7/1/22

Today we had a bit of wind in the weather forecast, but luckily the direction of the wind made one particular fjord very calm. The weather, the light, the colors, and the landscape were mesmerizing.

The orcas decided to spend their morning in this calm fjord. Of course, the decision was made as the fisheries happened to be there also.

When we arrived, we found a pod of orcas relaxing/socializing.

They have spent the whole day in the fjord, they seemed to be very calm.

Occasionally humpback whales popped up amongst them and the orcas stayed underwater longer than usual, so I suspect there was herring in the depth, and they were probably feeding sometimes.

The number of whales in the fjord today was still plentiful.

Let’s hope we still have a few good days with them.


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