Playful and Restful Orcas – 24/4/22

This April off west Iceland from the town of Olafsvik we saw Orcas every day.

It has been an amazing spring season for orcas here this year due to the huge amount of herring that was in the fjord. This day however there was no feeding activity but the orcas were in a lazy and sociable mood. 

There were a couple of different pods in the area and while many of the adults just hung in almost completely still resting lines, some of the juveniles and calves played around them, spy-hopping and rolling around.

We turned the engines off and just drifted in the area in glassy conditions, a rarity in our area.

As we are the only whale watching boat in this area there was never another boat coming in to spoil these incredible moments we got to share with some of the Icelandic orca population. It was a very special day. 


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