Pilot Whales in Norway! – 4/12/19


Today was far the darkest day in the year even if it is not the 21st of December yet….it was rainy and heavy clouds were sitting all day long above us. It was seriously dark.

In the morning hours we have encountered a few orcas near a fishing vessel, but by the time we have arrived there only a few orcas left there and hundreds of seagulls.

After the orcas disappeared from the area from one moment to another, we got a call on the radio from one of our friends that there are pilot whales in the area in big numbers, so we decided to go and have a look at them.

And how lucky we got. It was a fascinating sighting…we have seen a large group of pilot whales, 100+ individuals if not 200 😊

They were playing / socialising with 4-5 humpback whales. It was so fascinating to see this interspecies socialising between the humpies and the pilot whales.

The humpbacks were floating on the surface surrounded by the pilots, sometimes lifting their tails above the surface and we witnessed spy-hoping behaviour from both of them. Even a couple of small breach from pilot whale calves. It was amazing.

Sorry for the photos being a little bit dark, but that’s the best I could do today.

Mesmerizing experience, we are so glad that we have been there.

Interesting fact….while the pilot whales were in the area there were no orcas nearby.

Enjoy  <3  <3



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