Phenomenal Trip with Humpbacks and a Sei Whale! – 29/4/17

While we were treated to spectacular displays of feeding by the Humpbacks we saw, the Sei Whales were just as exciting to watch as they were skim feeding in every direction. We don’t see this species very often at all let alone this type of behavior from them. You can actually see the eye is wide open (see cropped photo for a better look). Amazing!

Another shot from our trip with 7 Seas yesterday. This was an exceptionally good and close look a Sei Whale skim feeding. You can see the water dripping off of it’s baleen plates.

Such a rare species (in our area) showing such rare behavior. It truly was a special day offshore.  The local whale watching boats hadn’t been out all week so we weren’t sure what to expect, but boy were we pleasantly surprised with the activity that we found!

We were only roughly 12 miles offshore when we found ourselves in whale soup! We had a mix of Sei Whales and a few Humpbacks as well. From the Humpbacks, it was Pleats (one of my personal favorites) who stole the show by bubble feeding. What a dramatic display we were treated to! Love this whale! Thanks to 7 Seas for another phenomenal trip.


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