Perth Whale Watching 2021 – 28/8/21

Perth Whale Watching 2021 season has begun and it was a very warm welcome from the social, curious and relaxed Humpback Whales we met today in the waters off Perth.

Departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on a calm morning as many locals enjoyed the lovely conditions with sailing, fishing and recreational boats spreading out to enjoy this beautiful ocean playground along the Western Australian coastline.

The Humpback Whales were also enjoying themselves with multiple pods spread throughout the sightings grounds.

Our first interactions were with escort pods all resting within close proximity to each other. Content in their individual pods we watched on as they twisted and turned, socialising together as very happy whales will often do in these areas.

A commotion ahead indicated multiple pods converging as pec slapping and head lunging began.

Arriving on scene we watched as they approached us curiously before a juvenile joined in on the fun. Chasing after each other we could see that things were becoming a little more competitive as the larger adults were followed around by the smallest member of the pod, perhaps a curious and cheeky young male.

Perth whale watching 2021 is a very exciting time of the year as we enjoy the beginning of a wonderful few moths ahead as thousands of Humpback Whales begin that long journey southbound and Perth is a wonderful location to meet these incredible whales.

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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