Perfect Weather: Wednesday afternoon Whale Watch – 23/11/22

An absolutely gorgeous day in November to spend on the ocean whale watching. The day before Thanksgiving, who would think we would be able to whale watch? Bill brought hot chocolate and donuts to enjoy on the boat! It was a nice size group of people who came from far and near; some drove over 3 hours from Pennsylvania to have this experience. Many of the people had never seen a whale. Well, that was about to change! We headed East out of the inlet and then south towards Seaside. Noticed the boat slow and turn; meaning a whale must have been spotted.

Sure enough, we saw a humpback whale breach in the distance but it was still far away. The ocean was spectacular. The coloring was incredible and the pictures do not do it justice.

The ocean was pale blue/white and just so beautiful. We were on a young humpback whale and the whale decided to visit different areas of the boat so everyone had a great view. One time we were watching to the left side and it came up on the right but we heard it first as it exhaled.

Some of us jumped because it was so loud! Oh that was loud! Another time it came up right near the boat, so close I got pictures of the head, blow holes, body, tail.

We were even treated to some pectoral flipper waving and plenty of tail shots.

Awesome day with a beautiful sunset.

This has been a fantastic year of whale watching! I have seen so many humpback whales, finback whales, minke whales, Mola mola, some sharks, sea turtles, breaching, lunge feeding, tail lob bling, flipper slapping, 2 and 3 whales lunge feeding together, 3 whales swimming side by side, and I am sure there was more.

What I really enjoyed this year was talking to people on the boat. I am now friends with people around the world because of whale watching. It’s been a blast! I encourage everyone to experience whale watching. What a journey. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

-Bill and Linda/Jersey Shore Whale Watch

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