Orcas in the Dark – 3/12/19


Finally, after a couple of days of bad weather we are back on the water!

It was still snowing a lot and it was kind of dark all day long, but the orcas treated us well…

Polar night has already started in the North of Norway, which means we will not see the sun until the 21st of January and the days will just get darker and darker until the 21st of December.

Some people prefer to do photos in good light conditions, but I think there is a lot of charm in it to watch orcas during these dark days…it is part of their natural world.

There are fewer boats in the area and we went looking for orcas separated from the other boats.
We were lucky because we have encountered a big group of orcas, 30+ individuals.

They were slowly travelling around the area, we have not seen any feeding activity…we have seen 2 tiny little calves, only a couple of days old and a few fully-grown males.
After the last few days of blowing wind there was a bit of swell and as usual the orcas enjoyed some play time in the waves too ?
We were whistling to them and they gave us some close pass by-s next to the boat  <3  <3

Enjoy  <3  <3


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