Orcas, Humpbacks and Gulls – 26/12/19

Today I was in an artistic mood 😊

Finally, we got clear sky and encountered a big group of humpbacks and a small group of orcas, only 4-5 individuals for the orcas feeding. Who knows where all the rest can disappear within a day? 😊

There were a lot of seagulls as always…so today I took many pictures of the seagulls fighting and chirping around the orcas…but of course in between the seagulls you can always spot an orca in the background 😊

I am amazed how much the seagulls do not care about the orcas. They have no fear of them at all. I have seen many times today that the orcas were floating and looking the seagulls sitting in front of them and makes no attempt to give them space 😊
Clever birds they know how NOT interested they are for them 😊

BUT it happened before that just for a practice run they chased seagulls, so if I were them I would be more careful 😊

Hope you like my artistic photos, shows a little bit the seagull`s perspective  😀

Another beautiful Christmas present  <3

OHH! And do not forget about the humpbacks…let`s count how many were lunge feeding close to shore…I bet it was 10 in a row…

Enjoy!!  🙂


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