Orcas and Snow Storms on the First Day of the Season! – 1/11/19


Today was our official first day of the 2019 / 2020 winter season. We could not have been more excited… 😊

The weather was a bit rough with sudden snowstorms…but luckily, we found a group of Orcas.

At first, they were just swimming around, most likely looking for herring. After 15-20 minutes we realized they found down. They started to swim in circles, made sharp turns and sudden movements while chasing them.

It happened more times during the past season that the herring were looking for shelter under our boat. When this happens, the Orcas will follow the herring and they come very close to the boat. We were just floating there amazed and surrounded by Orcas from every side of the boat. 😊

I decided to go for group shots today. I love how the big male takes care of 2 young ones and swam together with them during the whole feast.

Once they have finished feeding, they have left the area. They were swimming together side by side.
Looking forward what tomorrow and the whole season will have for us.

Enjoy. 😊


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