Orcas and Humpbacks! – 5/11/19

We have had a wonderful day today and we have met a very good & old friend…

There was a huge snowstorm in the morning, it absolutely looked like that we must cancel the whale watching today. But luckily, we decided to move the departure time for a later hour, when it was supposed to clear up as per the weather forecast…

And how lucky we became…we found a medium sized Orca pod feeding, accompanied by 2 humpback whales. The humpback whales quickly disappeared, and the Orcas got curious in our boat. There were not many boats on the spot….

So they decided to have a good look at us while spy-hopping right next to our boat.

We met this male Orca, who has a huge hump before his dorsal. I do not know what caused that bump, but we have seen this animal every single year in the last 5 years and he was super energetic today.

He came also close to our boat, had a good look at us, after that he was energetically porpoising with the rest of the group. Its good to see that he can keep up with the rest and that he is doing so great.

Enjoy! 🙂


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