Orca Season in West Iceland – 5/4/23

Orca season is well and truly with us now in west Iceland and so far we have seen them every tour in April.

March was a little disappointing as we did not seem to have so much herring in the fjord, which is what the orcas here are mostly feeding on. But April sightings have picked up a lot and many different groups have been seen, including some of our regular pods as well as some that are much less frequent visitors.

With a population of over 1000 individuals so far sighted in this fjord since ID work started in 2014, we have a large and seemingly healthy population in Iceland with many calves. 

When we have waves, which is very frequent here in Icelandic waters the orcas are incredible to watch as they so often travel into the wind and lift their heads high out of the water as they surface.

It is such a joy to watch them do this, and makes up for the somewhat bumpy conditions on board the boat.


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