Orca Feeding Fest – 22/12/19

Feeding feast…AGAIN..

December seem to be the BEST month so far for this season…it is getting better and better every day  <3
Since the commercial fishing vessels have left the area we mainly encounter orcas feeding, pretty much in the same area each and every day.

It is very dynamic when they are naturally feeding…following around the herring school, trying to tight them and push them close to the surface. Today the weather was rough and there were big waves and the orcas always lifts their head more out of the water, so we got good views of their face.  <3

Occasionally a few humpbacks also showed up on the scene, but today it was less humpback and the majority of the time was with the orcas (or at least where we were 😊).

The seagulls have made it to a whole new level today…..they were EVERYWHERE 😊

Hundreds of them were circling above the orcas and following them around. Sometimes a young white-tailed eagle showed up as well…tried to catch a herring from the orcas…but as soon as the eagle arrived the seagulls chased it away as a very cooperative team.

Even though an eagle is 5 times the size of a seagull…they always outnumber them…so eventually the eagle left without any herring.

BUT when the question is about the herring the seagulls are selfish. If a seagull manages to catch a herring on the surface, at that exact moment another 8-10 other seagulls attacks the one with the herring and they start to fight. Usually they end up losing the fish in the fight and no one gets anything  😀

The orcas generally are not bothered by the seagulls, sometimes we have witnessed the orcas made sharp turns towards a seagull to play with it and make it scared 😊 Today there was a male who made 3-4 spy-hops when the seagulls were above his head 😊 He had a good look at them 😊

I know that yesterday was supposed to be a dark day….but for me today was officially darker, so enjoy the photos black and white 😊


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