One of the Best Days Ever – 8/12/20

Looks like it could always get better….

Especially if we are talking about orcas.

Today before we went out, we checked the weather, and it was forecasted kind of windy weather. Not too bad, but definitely windy.

However, when we went out, we realized that the sea was flat calm. I mean, flat calm, we barely saw this kind of calm weather before…

We found orcas all over the place, but they were spread out and most of them were resting. But of course, we found the mischiefs. They basically welcomed us with a double spy-hop. It was at the beginning 2 then later 4 youngsters playing around, chasing each other.

They included us in their game too. Every time we whistled one of them lied on the surface and started pec-slapping and pushing water out of its mouth. It was very funny.

Another one of my BEST days in life, I personally cannot wait to work on these videos for the Orca Channel It will be amazing, everything was recorded

Orca Channel makes it possible for all of us to watch back these amazing lifetime memories forever How nice it will be to look back to this day in 10-20 years



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