Ocean Encounters Thrill – 31/1/24

Ocean Conditions Perfect

Ocean conditions on today’s journey into the Bremer Canyon were perfect and proved to be nothing short of spectacular as the ocean unveiled its treasures in the form of killer whales, playful pods, and mysterious behaviours. Our adventure began with an exhilarating call, “Blows at 9 o’clock!” before we even reached the hotspot. Immediately, we identified Digby, Echo, and their families approaching us with enthusiasm, engaging in joyful antics right off the bow.

The younger orcas, Razor, Lil Blade, and Mia, delighted in playful interactions, showcasing their exuberance.

Interestingly, Mia took on a babysitting role, entertaining the calves while their mothers enjoyed a break in the deep ocean. This behaviour echoes observations from other orca populations, emphasising the significance of communal care and learning among these magnificent creatures.

Socialising in the Ocean Canyon

Amidst the playful scenes, the older whales engaged in socialising moments, fostering bonds within the pod. Digby and Sara, as well as Wasco and Comet’s older sibling Sedna, showcased heartwarming interactions. The dynamics among these orcas continued to captivate us as they navigated the ocean with purpose.

A potential predation event caught our attention as Nibbles and his family joined the social gathering. Despite signs of a predation, our pod remained unperturbed, continuing their activities while we investigated the distant spectacle. The energy felt different, leaving us intrigued and eager for more answers.

Celebratory Displays

Celebratory displays erupted among the orcas after a successful predation, with breaches, tail slaps, and pec slaps filling the air. However, the source of the celebration remained elusive, prompting speculation and curiosity. Storm petrels danced above, and tuna surfaced, raising questions about the mysterious event.

The intermingling of different orca pods, including Split Tip’s, Cookie’s, Moon, Fue, and others from the 2021 Augusta group, added an extra layer of mystery.

The day unfolded with continuous surprises as pilot whales joined the scene, chasing the orcas for over a mile. The dynamic interaction between these apex predators and their noisy counterparts raised more questions about their relationship.

Close Ocean Passes

As we continued with Fue and his family, Kai, a recognisable member of Fue’s pod, made a thrilling appearance. The day’s excitement reached its peak when Moon and her kids offered a close pass, leaving us in awe of these magnificent creatures.

Even as we reluctantly turned for home, the mysteries persisted. Glasse Island revealed snoozing Australian sea lions and a gathering of bridled terns, providing a delightful conclusion to another remarkable day on the ocean.

Ocean Pelagic Allure

Our daily encounters with these incredible creatures not only deepen our understanding but also spark countless questions, reinforcing the enduring allure and mystery of Bremer Canyon. Join us as we continue to explore and unravel the secrets of this extraordinary marine world.

-Naturaliste Charters

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