New Generation – 2/11/22

Baby time❤️

Today was special. It is always special to see such small calves like this little guy.

We started the day with humpback and fin whales. Yes, there seem to be a lot of fin whales around too. Their presence increased in the last few years. After some time with the giant baleen whales, we explored to search for orcas for our guests.

We found a small pod feeding nearby Skjervøy island. Around 10 individuals.

They had a tiny calf together with them. It seemed very young, on the high-resolution photos, I can see the fetal folds. A few weeks old.

The calf was constantly by her mother’s side, but sometimes (most likely), a big brother stepped in and supported/protected the mom-calf pair.

Btw, I still love to photograph them in autumn colors, fascinating

-Krisztina/Orca Channel

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