My First Whale! – 15/5/09

It’s was a while back I was backpacking in South America for 6 months. I always loved whales but never actually seen one up close. I took my first whale watching tour in a small coastal town of Peru where I paid 20 dollars to a tour boat. There were about 20 other high school students from America there as well. We were search for a while until we found 2 humpbacks who were go if under the boat and were really curious.

I was on top of the boat with 20 other high school kids and they were so excited following the whales back and forth. The tour guide said that they needed to stop that because we may sink the boat. They didn’t listen but I did hahaha. So while the girls were on one side of the boat cheering and excited to see the humpback I stay on the other side where there was no whale.

Little did I know there was one and he spyhopped out of the water right in front of me. It was only me who saw this by the way. He looked me straight in the eye and he made time stop for me. What felt like 10 mins must have only been 10 seconds. Since then I’ve been chasing whale encounters. 👍


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