My First Time Seeing Killer Whales from Land! – 4/4/13

It was very early in the morning on a spring day in Sidney B.C. I decided to go to the water to watch the Sunrise. As I walked along I started to hear blows. I looked out toward Sidney Spit and there were Orca heading in toward Sidney. I realized they were going to the pier so I started running.

I ran as fast as I could to try and make it there in time.

The group consisted of T123 “Sidney”, her son T123A “Stanley” and her small calf T123C “Lucky”. They milled around in front of the pier for a few minutes, then caught and ate a harbor seal.

After they finished their meal they swam off into the ball of the rising sun toward James Island. This was my first Biggs (Transient) Killer Whale encounter and it started my love affair with the T123’s,


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