My First “Jaby!” -14/6/15

It was a perfectly clear day with only a slight breeze off the water – you could even see Mt. Baker across the Strait. We had reports of whales not too far from Vancouver, which is always a great way to start a shift. Turned out that this was going to be an especially awesome day though. Not only were my boyfriend and parents out with me for the first time but it was also MY first time meeting any of the new babies! We came across J and K pod near the ferry terminal and they were travelling north fairly slowly which allowed us to have a great look at a few of them.


We only saw J50 for a few minutes, she was still being fairly protected by J16 and the rest of the family, and while she wasn’t doing any of the acrobatics she has become famous for it was still so fantastic to see her!

J26 “Mike” and J50 “Scarlet”


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