My First Close Encounter with Two Humpback Whales – 31/12/19

On the last day of the year 2019, we went out on a Group Tour at noon. In the middle of the Christmas Holidays mood, everyone was happy and enjoying the short Bay-tour we typically do, the kids were paying attention to my explanations about the history of the Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez, some interesting Rock formations, the famous Sea lions and the first notions of what a whale is and why we can find Humpbacks in Cabo.

After a short search, we started spotting whales as usual. That’s the good thing about the area, most of the times we don’t have trouble finding the animals.

But then it happened, whales doing whale things and making me forgetting I was working. As a rookie in Cabo, I don’t think I had such a close encounter with a Humpback whale before. Suddenly, one whale appeared right next to us: There were two whales and they were getting curious!

As a biologist and guide, I knew that whales are clever animals, they knew we were there and they are extremely agile so there was no need to worry. It was pretty funny but I would have understood if some of our guests would have been afraid –they weren’t–, those whales were ridiculously close playing and moving their tails out of the water.

It was a wonderful moment, perfect for appreciating all the details and how big their fins and tails –and their whole body– are.

We saw all the details of their skin, body-parts and I could even record them under the water.

It looked like they were dancing, ballerinas of the ocean moving their pectoral fins with elegance.

-Maria from Whale Watch Cabo

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