Mother’s Day T Party – 9/5/21

Tody was a pretty epic day. So many whales, fairly spread out at first, then they started to come together, made a turn towards us so we shut down and all of a sudden they surfaced near us, went for a dive and we could hear them VOCALIZING THROUGH THE HULL OF OUR BOAT!!!!

It was so crystal clear that both Roman and I thought someone was playing a recording, I think he thought I’d put the hydrophone in without telling him lol.

Then they all surfaced far from our boat, the lot of them porpoising through the water… they continued to do this for the rest of our time with them!!!

Heading towards Lasqueti Island, all porpoising in what looked like their family groups… almost reminded me of doing road trips where everyone is in specific cars, you might get out and hangout with everyone when you’re stopped but then you get back into your car when you are on the move again.

I feel very privileged every time I get to see this guy, T063 Chainsaw, as I know he is a bucket list whale for so many people.

His hump seems to be getting more pronounced which worries me a bit, but hopefully we will still be lucky enough to have this handsome, iconic guy around for many more years to come!!!

It was an extremely special day!!!


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