Majestic Encounter with Two Southern Right Whales! – 6/05

This picture was taken in June 2005 in the waters just off Puerto Madryn in Peninsular Valdez, Argentine Patagonia. The area is a whale watcher’s paradise. We arrived relatively early in the season but the activity was already good. So much so that on our first evening there we had the wonderful experience of seeing two Southern Right Whales come into the shallows from the shoreline. The following morning we went out on an organized expedition to try and get a closer look. Thankfully as you can see from the photo, we got just that.


The skipper located a pod of Southern Right Whales and turned off the engines, remaining an appropriate distance away. Luckily the pod approached our boat and two majestic whales came very close. I managed to get that shot as a large whale surfaced. It was an amazing experience! I’d strongly recommend a trip to Puerto Madryn to anyone who loves whales.


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