Magnificent Sperm Whales – 16/7/10

I saw the sperm whales while having the joy of being a spotter on the DFO Cetacean Research Program’s offshore survey.

Our first clue that we might be sighting sperm whales was the very unique blows that veer sharply off to the left. Through binoculars we could confirm the species ID by seeing the animals’ colossal heads and wrinkly skin and, when they descended for a long and deep dive, it was indisputable that we were seeing sperm whales. The distinctly shaped tails came high out of the water, straight up and down and the animals descended as if slowly going down in an elevator. I found myself screaming in amazement when I first saw this

I don’t know that anyone can be quite the same after an enormously privileged experience like seeing a sperm whale. I was left stunned with a cocktail of emotion surging through me that included wonder, joy, passion and resolve. More passion for conservation and more resolve to share these experiences to make them count.


This story was adapted from a blog post from The Marine Detective.  Read the full blog post here

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