Magical Day with the Orcas – 9/11/19

Today was magical  <3  <3

We found a small group of orcas early in the morning. There was big fishing activity at dawn so probably they had a big feast just before we have encountered them.

They seemed very relaxed and calm. Luckily so early in the morning there were no other boats around, only us.

We approached them with our small zodiac, they kept their steady course and stayed next to the boat. We had a few drops with just a few seconds pass by encounters…

But after a while they got more and more interested. There were 2 smaller pods in the same area with small calves and we have witnessed some socializing behaviours…they were doing many spy-hops, calves were playing with each other, while some of the adults were just resting. They have surrounded the boat from each side ?

We gently and quietly slide in the water and there were orcas everywhere we looked both above and under the surface ?

On the video you can see a female orca who decided to have a closer look at me, while her calf was playing around (behind) me…she came very close, even stopped for a moment to have a good look at me.

I was just floating there and thinking how luck I am that I had an eye contact with an orca today  <3

Enjoy the video ?


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