Magical Day with the Orcas – 20/11/19


Today early morning we have encountered numerous pods of Orcas around 2 fishing vessels pumping fish from one to another. There were at least 60-70 orcas around it.

I think by the time we have arrived they have finished their feast and all the orcas were just floating next to the fishing vessels looking at the fisherman and catch a few last herring which went their way.

After the fishing vessels have finished their work the orcas decided to swim out from the fjord…all of them together!!

We were cruising out from the fjord slowly next to them and after a while they approached the zodiac and continued their journey right next to us….it was amazing to see so many orcas swimming together side by side with the boat.
They have surrounded us from both sides 😊

Just look at how many orcas are there. 😊 There was a tiny little new-born with the group too. It was swimming always very close to its mother and next to the mother there was always a male orca, probably one of the mother`s sons.

It was a privilege to see them in such a calm water with an amazing landscape behind them  <3  <3

Sorry for all the cheering and screaming  😀

In the following 2 photos you can see something very remarkable.

It is known that Orcas in Norway are following around the commercial fishing vessels to steal some herring from the nets.

And sometimes they do spy-hop around these boats to look around what is going on on the surface, but what I have seen today was unique.

This juvenile orca was kept spy-hopping around the fishing vessels BUT with an open mouth….

I have never seen something like this before…. sometimes they `do behave like dogs`…this behaviour kind of looked like when a dog is waiting for a treat from its owner 😊

The photo is not the best and the orca is tiny on the picture, but we did not want to disturb the fisherman so kept our distance.
However, the orca is still clearly visible with its open mouth.

It always amazes me how smart they are. 😊

Enjoy 😊


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