Lunge Feeding Humpbacks – 20/6/19

On our first trip we found two Humpback Whales northwest of the shipping lane. The whales were feeding. We observed some lunge feeding, as well as some birds hovering over the whale.

We stayed with the animals for about half an hour, watching them feed in 90 feet of water. Photos from this trip are by Joey Meuleman. Check out more of his photos on his Flickr.

For our afternoon trip, we headed out to the same spot. We found them a bit earlier than we had on the previous trip. There were four humpback whales in the vicinity of the Kitty Kat. We saw some feeding behavior, including lunge feeding.

The birds were hovering over the spots where the whales were feeding. We also saw some tail slapping, pectoral fin slaps, and breaches. Ships passed by us during the trip. We spent about 40 minutes watching the whales feed. The haystacks on the fish finder indicated that they may have been feeding on krill, but we also saw some birds carrying anchovies.


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