Lunge Feeding and Tail Flukes – 26/6/19

On our first trip of the day we found whales west of Muir Beach in the same spot we’d seen them for the past few weeks. There were five humpbacks feeding in 82 feet of water.

One of them was close to us and the other four were farther to the northwest. We observed some feeding behavior and fluke dives from the animals.

Lots of fishing boats were nearby and we saw birds carrying anchovies, but we didn’t see much on the fish finder. We spent about 30 minutes with these animals before starting to head back. As we headed back we found another humpback feeding on anchovies. We saw a lunge feed and a fluke dive from this animal.

On our second trip we returned to the same area, where we found three humpbacks feeding in 55 feet of water.

We did saw some fluke dives from these animals.

There were thick bait balls of anchovies that the whales were herding and feeding on.

Some large ships passed by in the shipping lane. The Salty Lady was observing these whales as well.


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