A Lovely Encounter with K26 “Lobo” and K42 “Kelp” – 26/8/15

K26 “Lobo” showcasing the incredible blow of an exhaling Orca.


I’ve said before that this is my favourite sound in the world and everytime I hear it the love just grows deeper. Thanks for the privilege big guy. We found Lobo and his little brother Kelp porpoising through Boundary Pass. They went for a deep dive and we weren’t sure where they would come up so we shutdown our boat and waited for them to surface again. When they did, they popped up a short distance from us and slowly surfaced quite a few times as they went past us. Once they had passed us they then picked up speed again and started porpoising through the water again to catch up with the others. Don’t know if they were saying hello but it felt like it. 


5 thoughts on “A Lovely Encounter with K26 “Lobo” and K42 “Kelp” – 26/8/15

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