Look at Me! – 2/1/22

This precious baby Humpback stole the show while whale watching aboard @pacificwhalefoundation Discovery whale watching boat in Maui Nui bay.

Calves are 12- 15 feet long at birth and weigh around a ton. They are whales after all but considering an adult female averages 40 feet and 40 tons that’s still a big baby!

What a surprise it was to suddenly see this baby Humpback whale & it’s mommy do a double breach off the coast of Lahaina Maui this afternoon. The naturalist aboard the @pacificwhalefoundation Discovery whale watching boat informed us this infant whale was less than one month old. “Flying Pickle” 🤣

Look how adorable this newborn Humpback whale is.  No wonder some naturalists refer to them as a pickle. Oh & those floppy pectoral fins…how cute are they?


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