Lobtailing and Breaches from Patches – 8/5/23

Surface activity is always something fun to witness! Towards the end of a recent trip, we noticed a whale breaching a little ways in the distance. Then it began lobtailing. Our captain decided to try his luck in getting us a closer look while knowing the behavior would likely stop before we got there. Luck was definitely on our side though as the behavior continued well after we got into the area and was continuing even after we left!

This is a whale known as Patches. He’s not a “staple” whale in our area, but he stops by from time to time and he’s always a great whale to spend time with. Some whales have more of a charismatic personality and are known for being more acrobatic than others and that’s exactly the type of individual Patches is!

Photographed aboard the Hurricane II with Cape Ann Whale Watch out of Gloucester, MA.


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